Pete's Custom Coachbuilding

Pete's Custom Coachbuilding is one of the leading shops of its kind.

When Pete Jackson purchased his first restoration project, a Volkswagen Beetle, at age fourteen, it sparked in him a desire to understand and rebuild aging automobiles. Pete developed his skills and trained at various shops in Northeast Ohio while restoring Alfa Romeos, Rolls Royces, Packards, Porsches, Triumphs, and classic American cars. 

After several years of working in the field, Pete opened the doors to Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding in 2007. Almost immediately, the shop gained a reputation for specializing in the odd and obscure. Pete and his team seemingly had a “knack” for tracking down information and parts to rebuild unusual cars such as BMW Isettas, Lambretta trucks, and a one-of-a-kind projects like a Berkeley racecar. Pete’s own skills with metal-shaping and fabrication led to projects such as the rebuilding of a 1968 AAR Gurney Eagle.

Today, Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding is one of the leading shops of its kind. PCC’s team of professional craftsmen focus on full-scale automotive restorations with an emphasis on european sports cars. As the reputation of the shop has grown, its customer base has expanded well beyond its beginnings in Northeast Ohio. The shop services a national clientele, with individuals and companies reaching out from across the country to seek out PCC’s experience and knowledge. The craftsmen on the team at Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding are engaged daily in advanced metal-shaping fabrication, literally “coachbuilding” from the ground up, which few shops offer today. The shop’s projects have been praised at and taken home awards at the Glenmore Gathering, Concourse of America, Amelia Island, Pittsburgh Grand Prix, and the Annual Stoddard All-Porsche Car Show.

PCC continues to expand while maintaining the passions, curiosity, and enthusiasm that originally drove its owner to enter the field of automotive restoration years ago.