Vintage Sports Car Restoration

Pete's Custom Coachbuilding

Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding, an automotive restoration shop in Newbury, Ohio, was founded with the belief that every project should be approached with the utmost craftsmanship and attention to detail. We work together with our clients to realize the full potential in their projects. Together, we believe both shop and customer can enjoy the restoration process.

What We Do

  • Metal Shaping / Fabrication
  • Mechanical / Assembly Services
  • Body / Paint

Every project is unique. Whether installing a new interior in a Porsche 912, replacing the wood body of a 1930s Rolls Royce, or assembling the pieces of a BMW Isetta, Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding has the equipment and specialists to make your goals a reality.

About Peter Jackson

When Pete Jackson purchased his first car, a Volkswagen Beetle, at age fourteen, it sparked in him a desire to understand and rebuild aging automobiles. Pete developed his skills and trained at various shops in Northeast Ohio, restoring Alfa Romeos, Rolls Royces, Packards, Porsches, Triumphs, and classic American cars.


Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding specializes in a wide range of classic and vintage sports cars, from Porsche 356 to Alfa Romeo Giulietta, and has the knowledge to shape any piece of metal needed for your project. Our customers love to be involved in their projects, and fully understand what it takes to rebuild a car to the PCC standard.


The shop is fully equipped for sheet metal fabrication, mig/tig welding, body work, paint and assembly. From complete ground up restorations to automotive preservation, we can bring your project back to it’s former glory.


When a car comes to PCC, it has often been recently purchased as a “project car”, or it is a longtime possession, almost to the status of family heirloom. The cars have often been sitting for years, if not decades, and simply represent a possibility of their former glory. PCC experts see that possibility, and help you to see the potential of what your car can be. Whether it is your only show car, or an exciting new addition to your collection, we will restore it to its full potential, remanufacturing every detail to create a car that is often better than what was on the showroom floor. If you are looking for a quick-and-dirty paint job, this is not the shop for you. Our customers share our passion for detail, and enjoy the thorough custom process of a full restoration.