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At Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding, we specialize in a wide range of classic and vintage sports cars and microcars, from BMW Isetta to Porsche 356 restoration, and have the knowledge to shape any piece of metal needed for your project. Our customers love to be involved in their projects, and fully understand what it takes to rebuild a car to the PCC standard.  The shop is fully equipped for sheet metal fabrication, mig/tig welding, body work, paint and assembly.  From complete ground up restorations to automotive preservation, we can bring your project back to it’s former glory.IMG_6580

When a car comes to PCC, it has often been recently purchased as a “project car”, or it is a longtime possession, almost to the status of family heirloom.  The cars have often been sitting for years, if not decades, and simply represent a possibility of their former glory.  PCC experts see that possibility, and help you to see the potential of what your car can be.  Whether it is your only show car, or an exciting new addition to your collection, we will restore it to its full potential, remanufacturing every detail to create a car that is often better than what was on the showroom floor.  If you are looking for a quick-and-dirty paint job, or minimum mechanical tuneups, this is not the shop for you.  Our customers share our passion for detail, and enjoy the thorough custom process of a full restoration.


About Peter Jackson

Pete has been restoring cars since he owned his first Volkswagen Beetle at age 14.  He has since worked in some of the best restoration shops in Northeast Ohio, restoring Alfa Romeos, Rolls Royces, Packards, Triumphs, and classic American cars.  He has extensive experience with Porsche 356, and enjoys the construction and drivability of European sports cars.

Since starting Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding, Pete likes to say that he specializes in the odd and obscure, tracking down information and parts to rebuild unusual cars.  He enjoys the process of remanufacturing a car to concourse quality, with attention to detail in every aspect of the project.  Vintage sports cars created by Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, BMW, and Mercedes all appeal to Pete’s true interest in quality craftsmanship, racing heritage, and good design.  He also specializes in microcars, (cars under 900cc) and has become a expert in the BMW Isetta restorations

Besides restoration, Pete takes a special interest in metal shaping techniques.  He has a fully outfitted metal shop, and can recreate or redesign any panel or part of a project.  He has also studied under Fay Butler in his Principles of Metal Shaping seminar, and continues to be self-taught in advanced metal shaping techniques.



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