1934 Rolls Royce

MakeRolls Royce

Project Description

This 1934 Rolls-Royce restoration project car came to PCC for both metal and wood fabrication and repair. After performing extensive metal repairs and body work, the team rebuilt the vehicle’s hand-crafted wood structure. The metal shop at PCC started from scratch to re-create the rear body and trunk of the car. Like most vehicles from this era, early Rolls-Royce cars were built with true “coachbuilding” techniques and utilized both metal and wood for their structure and bodies. The craftstmen at PCC pride themselves on being able to work within all mediums to rebuild elegant vehicles such as these. 
This vintage Rolls-Royce restoration is great example of artisan workmanship and ingenuity. Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding was happy to have it in the shop and proud to add the vehicle to their portfolio.