1975 Porsche 911 Back Date

Model911 Back Date
Project 911WJ

Project Description

This 1975 Porsche 911 backdate project is the unique work that the technicians at PCC are always excited to perform. It was the owners desire to replace the 1975 “square” G-Series front end with one built to match the look of a 1969 Porsche, the classic “long-nose” design typically associated with classic Porsches. The metal shop at PCC built this new “backdated” front end utilizing Porsche Classic parts. In addition to the custom-build front end, this vehicle received a full restoration from Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding. As with all restorations at PCC, every aspect of this Porsche 911 was carefully restored or remanufactured to its former glory. 
The owner now has a show-quality vehicle with the classic Porsche look; but with options only available to later model vehicles such as power windows, power sunroof, and a 3.6L engine. As always, the team at PCC was happy to work alongside someone that “thinking outside the box” to make their one-of-a-kind vision a reality.